Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cross-country Adventure, Days 6: Grandma

By Day 6 we were absolutely exhausted.  Just getting out of bed at this point was daunting!  

Luckily Day 6 was a much more laid back day; it was the day we were scheduled to spend with Grandma Alice.  We had hoped to take a drive out to Brown County, but after having to be lifted into the car by Jason and me the night before, Grandma was not up for leaving her home-- at all!  

We had a nice lunch at Green Tree (her assisted living facility), played a little Old Maid, and watched some "Lassie".

David caught up on a bit more sleep!

After some dinner carry-out from Carinos restaurant (oh how I had missed that place!), we parted ways.

I wanted to take David to the Stride Rite outlet to get some new tennis shoes.  My goals were to take him somewhere he could be properly measured and to avoid character shoes.  I failed!  He ended up with Clone Trooper shoes.  (Boys!)

After shoe shopping, David was rewarded with a little time with his furry old friend Elmo!  I'm pretty sure he thought the shopping was totally worth it!

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