Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Believe in You!

I'm pretty sure all of the creativity has been drained out of my body this summer.  Even on the rare occasions I get onto Pintrest, all I can think is, "Well that's too expensive" or "That sounds like a lot of work!".  Seriously?!  I used to be kind of fun... or could at least replicate fun with a structured activity some other woman had the energy to create and then post on a blog and connect to Pintrest.

So this afternoon I decided to take the kids to Home Depot to get sand for the sandbox.  (Yep, I haven't even been fun enough this year to put sand in the sandbox!)  After that we went to the dollar store to get some cheap sand toys.  We brought home our treasures and I began the awesome task of getting the sand to the backyard, poured into the sandbox and de-tagging the toys.  As I was struggling to open the three bags of sand, just like I do every year, it happened.

My four year old, with the innocent face and smiley eyes, looked at me and said, "I believe in you!".  I can't imagine the look of shock I must have given him, but he continued.  "I believe in you... and God believes in you too... I believe in you Mommy!".  Then it hit me like a 50 pound bag of sand to the chest, I can't remember the last time someone said to me, "I believe in you"! No clue.  My pre-schooler had just affirmed me in a way I can't remember the last time an adult affirmed me-- and all for opening a stubborn bag of sand.

Now, the point of this is not to say "Whoa is me!  No one ever encourages me!" because that simply is not true.  I have two incredible friends who are great encouragers, as well as a husband who has learned to be a pretty good encourager himself.  

No, David's innocent comment hit me like a ton of bricks because no one ever needs to believe in me.  Being a stay at home mom is no cake walk, but the biggest risks I take in a day are walking into Walmart with three children or trying a new brand of peanut butter.  I do very little that requires actual bravery.  How can anyone say things like, "I believe in you" when there is nothing in my life that requires me to do something outside my comfort zone?

The second thing that hit me was the thought I also can not remember the last time I told someone I believed in him/ her.  I have brave people all around me-- those about to re-enter the workforce after years of at home mommy-dom, those who attempt to lead a reluctant friend to Jesus-- those are brave endeavors!  But, I never tell those women they are brave.    Who knows, maybe they can't remember the last time someone said those words to them either.

Goal #1:  Call a friend out when she's feeling brave.

Goal #2:  Do one of the (many) things I have felt too scared to do.

Goal #3:  Keep reminding myself I have a God and a 4 year old who believe in me!