Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cross-country Adventure, Day 7: The Emperor's March

The day began with an all too fast visit to see "Fairy Godmother Kim" and her kiddos.

Ruby and Alaina, both having two brothers, enjoyed their girl time together.

The boys were engrossed in cars, Nerf guns, and Thomas trains.

From the Fairy Godmother's house, we made our way to Indianapolis for the Star Wars exhibit at the State Museum.  I was not sure when/ if it was going to fit into our schedule, but I am so glad we worked it out.  Jason's parents went with us which made the experience all the better.

 The memorabilia was fantastic and a lot of fun, but what I didn't expect was how many science lessons they would have packed into this exhibit!  Ruby and David spent a large amount of time experimenting with magnets.  Eli used a computer simulator with web cam to decide how a city needed to be set up to allow proper access to all resources while keeping less desirable areas (ex. trash) away from residents.

After we finished getting our science on, we took a little ride on the Millennium Falcon.

We did a bit more exploring in other parts of the museum, and then it was definitely time for some lunch.  Jason's parents led us to a great diner (which just may have had the best onion rings I've ever tasted!).

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