Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh the Times (They are a Changin')

Day 1 of 3rd grade and kindergarten
Last day of kindergarten and 3rd grade

The end of May I made of collage of two pictures, one of Eli and Ruby on the 1st day of school and one of them on the last day of school.  I didn't think they had changed that much, until I made that collage.  Oh boy how they'd changed! 

That's kind of the way life is, we carry on, doing our day to day stuff-- helping with homework, driving the princess to ballet and we don't really notice how small things are changing.

Then, there are some changes that come and hit us like a Mack truck-- a death in the family, a new child added to the mix. 

Both are normal, natural, and (it almost pains me to say it) good.

Right now, the Main family is in the midst of change.  Right now we're unsure whether it's going to be a "Mack truck" kind of change or a "child #1 grew 4 inches over the summer and I didn't notice until he put on old jeans that are now practically capris" kind of change.  We all have our wishes, for a variety of reasons, but, in the end, we want this to be done God's way, not ours.  So, for now, we wait, and wait, to find out what kind of change it will be.

I just found this quote today and it may be my new favorite:

"We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. "
--Harrison Ford

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pre-surgery Fun & a Fiscula Closure

The night before Eli's surgery, there was a lot of apprehension.  When I talked to E about what he'd really, really like to do before surgery, a water balloon fight topped his list.  Water balloon fight, really?  I can do that!  And so, we did... and I am so glad we did!

Filling up is half the fun!

Lots of ganging up on Dad!

Lots of giggles!

And biting balloons!

And finding out what happens when you bite balloons! 

It turned out to be a wonderful stress reliever!  The next morning, Eli, Jason, and I were off bright and early to Riley Hospital.

After a successful surgery, our super-trooper (who only requested that his pain level, on a scale from one to 10, stay below a 7!), was able to go home!  It was a delight to all of us as we had anticipated staying overnight!

Cheers for going home

Eli's surgery was two weeks ago yesterday.  He really was a trooper in the pain department.  I swear that God gave him a super-natural tolerance to pain!  Unfortunately, enforcing a liquid diet on a 10 year old has not been nearly as easy! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

13.1 take 2

You might remember that last October I was coerced into doing my first half marathon.  During several parts of my 3 hour, 20 minute race itself, as well as for many weeks afterward, I swore I was never doing that again.

And then, I registered for race number 2.  (I know, I think it might be a sickness.) 

I had very high hopes of running race #2.  Injury after injury after injury dampened that idea, so my goal became to finish in under three hours. 

Lots of hills, lots of heat, and just not generally being at the top of my game brought me in at 3 hours and 5 minutes.  Let me tell you, I really wanted to beat myself up for that.  I really wanted to be mad and disappointed, but, then I remember something... I just finished 13.1 miles.  And, as the saying goes that's floating around Pintrest-world, I stilled lapped everybody on the couch.

My friend and I stopped at a Japanese cook-it-on-the-table place for our post-race "big slab of beef".  She was discussing how I could do even better on my next race.  Out loud I told her there wasn't going to be a next race, but deep down, I was pretty sure there would be!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

35 for my 35th

I have been dreading my 35th birthday for awhile.  I know, it's seems like a weird age to get hung up on, but for me, it's the end of an era-- the end of the having babies era.  I love the size of our family-- it's perfect for us-- but still, that part of my life is over...

So, I decided to take the focus off of me for my birthday.  With a bit of Pinterest inspiration, I decided to do 35 random acts of kindness the month of my 35th birthday.  As a side note, my husband lost his job at the very end of April, just days before my challenge was to begin, so I had to get very creative to avoid spending much money.

1.  I let someone go ahead of me in line at Aldi.
2.  Ruby and I left carrots for the bunnies in our backyard (totally her idea!).

3.  I drove the speed limit for an entire day.

4.  I sent brag letters to the kids' principal concerning their fabulous teachers this year.

5.  Instead of one chapter, I read Ruby an entire book one night for night time story.

6.  I shared unneeded coupons with others.

7.  I took a casserole to a busy friend.

8.  Eli, Ruby, and I picked up trash on the People Trail.

9.  I picked up trash that had fallen out of the neighbor's toter while I was on my morning walk.

10.  I turned off a neighbor's broken hose that was leaking huge amounts of water into their yard when they were at work.

11.  I left some of my old magazines in a doctor's office waiting room.

12.  I left one of my favorite books in a doctor's office waiting room, along with a letter explaining why it was my favorite and a prayer for the person who picked it up.

13.  I gave away my Aldi cart (If you aren't familiar with Aldi, you "pay" 25 cents to use a cart, and receive the quarter back when you return it).

14.  I (almost) donated blood.  (I was there.  The needle was in my arm, but I wasn't bleeding fast enough, so I was turned away.  When Jason saw the huge bruise on my arm he told me I totally deserved to count it!)

15-18.  Ruby, Eli, and I left dollar bills in the toy aisle of the dollar store.

19- 21.  We left snacks for waiting parents in the day surgery area of Riley Children's Hospital.

22- 24.  We gave 3 McDonald's gift cards to a cashier (at the Riley Hospital McDonald's) to give to the customers of her choice.

25.  For almost donating blood, I was given a Panera gift card.  So I immediately drove over to Panera and gave it to the next customer in line.

26.  I moved neighbors' delivered newspapers from the edge of their driveways to their front porches.

27- 30.  I left baked goods on 4 neighbors' porches with a note that said "Random Act of Kindness"-- Pass it On!

31.  We entertained a busload of children in our living room during a tornado watch.

32.  I took bugs outside instead of smooching them in the house.

33.  I put change in the Riley bucket at Walmart.

34.  I put my own and someone else's cart away at the grocery store.

35.  I made a dessert for a community center dinner (which is hosted for low-income families).

I saw two things happen during this month of RAOK.  1.  I stopped caring so much about turning 35 and 2.  I saw a change in my children.  On June 1st, Eli saw me point out to a budget-conscious shopper at Walmart where the $5 hula-hoops were instead of the $8 one.  I did not think a thing about it, but my wise and wonderful 10 year old told me it was a RAOK.  I said to him, "I don't even think about it that way.  To me, it's just the right thing to do".  I hope that moment, and many other moments they participated in, have left a lasting impact of them.  I know they have on me!