Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cross-country Adventure, Day 4 1/2: Fiesta!

After a great day at the zoo, it was time for a fiesta!

  My friend Carmen moved to Tennessee several years ago, but, since that time, has been making an annual trek back to Indiana.  All the stars aligned and her annual trek was able to coincide with our annual trek!  

A small group of us were able to meet up and celebrate Carmen's birthday.  (I say a small group because there were only three families, but honestly, when each family has three kids, it's not quite a small group any more!)

What's a birthday dinner at a Mexican restaurant without a little sombrero!

It always amazes me how we can go a year without seeing each other and it's like not a moment has passed.  Apparently it's that way with our kids as well!

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