Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cross-country Adventure, Day 4: The Indianapolis Zoo

Day 4 was our day to spend with Grandma Laura and Grandpa Mike (my mom and step-dad) and cousins.  We decided to meet up at the Indy zoo.  It's funny, I used to think that all zoos had the same assortment of animals.  After a year in North Dakota, I am convinced that is completely untrue.

I love this photo of David checking out the map!  It reminds me of a similar picture of Ruby with the map at Disney World at roughly the same age.

Of all the things to do and see at the zoo, I'm pretty sure that my kiddos and their cousins enjoyed climbing on top of the rocks best!

Mama's favorite-- the elephants!

Of all the times I have been to this zoo, I have never gotten a good photo of the dolphin show-- until this year.  (Thanks again, honey, for my awesome "big girl" camera !).

The penguins were a hit with all 5 kiddos.  After watching the energy and playfulness of those guys, I'm pretty sure David might be part penguin.

Eli compares his wingspan to bats'.

After a very hot morning/ early afternoon at the zoo, we went back to Grandma's for a little r&r.  I have to say that our crew was quite out of practice with the heat and humidity of Indiana!

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