Monday, March 11, 2013

Date Night with Ruby

Back in January I shared about my date night with Eli.  In February, it was Ruby's turn with Mom.  Just like with Dad, she wanted to go to the indoor water park with me.  Absolutely no complaints here!  We did crab races in the kiddie pool.  She jumped to me off the side of the pool and we did water slides until we were so hungry we couldn't do one more slide!

After the water park we had lunch at the pretzel place-- two orders of mini pretzel dogs and root beer!

Her original plan was to go earring shopping after lunch (since the next day she would be able to change out of her "starter" earrings).  While we were eating, though, she had to brilliant idea to go check and see if there were any good movies playing. 

As it turned out, "Escape from Planet Earth" was at the theatre.  She loved it and she loved not having to fight a toddler to sit on Mama's lap!

Afterwards, she decided she wanted to go earring shopping with her own money (since her date budget was gone).  She chose three adorable sets of earrings and we came home.  

She and Dad talked me in to letting her change her earrings that day instead of waiting for the next day.  As she was trying to put the new ones in, she must have gotten in out of alignment and poked her ear into a bloody mess.  Yep, I know, I should have trusted my gut and insisted that she let me help her the first time.  Anyway, she now has about 15 pairs of cute earrings that she refuses to even attempt to put in her ears again.  Ever.

I love spending time with the kids individually.  It gives me a much better sense of their emerging personalities.

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