Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seuss-tastic weekend

We love celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.  This year we had the same old green eggs, ham, and Seuss hat pancakes.  (Seriously, I think my kids would revolt if I ever tried to change this!)

Ruby made her dad and me Cat in the Hat hats.

Dad bought Seuss Memory...

and I found an app where you can listen to, and interact with, the Cat in the Hat story.

On Sunday we went to a Dr. Seuss party at the library.  We were expecting a craft, a coloring page, and maybe a small snack.  Let me tell you, they went all out.  It was awesome!

Despite it being Read Across America day, David was most interested in watching "The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That" with Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Our crafty Ruby would have stayed until she did every single last craft (if we could have let her!).

My favorite part was "Hop on Pop" where they had laid out bubble wrap in a long hallway and encouraged the kids to pop it.  I think we may be adding that to our celebration next year!

David's 2nd favorite part was eating green eggs (vanilla wafers, icing, and green M&MS).  As a matter of fact, he tried to do this station twice!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

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