Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Add Ice

Ice skating birthday parties seem to be the thing to do around here.  I've been debated putting the kids in ice skating (just to learn to skate, no competing for us!), but if the birthday parties keep coming, I might not need to!

This particular party was for a boy at church named Reece. Apparently he told his mom he really wanted Ruby to be there!

This was Ruby's 3rd time on skates since we've been here and she is doing so well, but, most importantly, she is finally having FUN!

This was David's first time on skates.  The boy at the skate counter said, "Those are the smallest skates I've ever seen!".  Although he tired easily, he had a great time!

Yep, that's my kiddo eating shaved ice!

Look at those cute feet!

After we were finished skating, we headed upstairs for some cake and presents.  Then this energetic bunch "entertained" themselves with lots of acrobatics, running, chasing, and yelling!


  1. Ruby looks a lot like Emily in these pics with her haircut! Those little ice skates are so cute! Sounds like a fun birthday party!

    1. I remembered your dismay about Emily's request for bangs as soon as I saw Ruby's! Thanks for the comment; I was beginning to believe I was just writing to myself:)