Sunday, February 10, 2013

Have you met Dave?

One of my favorite catch-phrases in "How I Met Your Mother" is "Have you met Ted?".  If you haven't seen the show, here is a brief synopsis:  A wing-man usually walks up to a woman at the bar and says, "Have you met Ted?" and proceeds to leave the scene, allowing Ted an easy intro to meeting her.  Classic.  Today I must ask, "Have you met Dave?".

Hang with me a minute and I will tie it altogether, k?
Friday at Target I ran into an aquaintance.  As we were talking she said, "Oh, I haven't been to Walmart in almost a year!".  Now, groceries in ND are expensive.  VERY!  Even at Walmart, not to mention the prices at the hometown grocery!  So, knowing she is a stay at home mom (and honestly not thinking before I opened my mouth), I asked, "How can you afford that?".  The way she looked at me you would have thought that I had just asked her when the little blue martians had arrived on her doorstep.  I'm pretty sure that budgeting for groceries is not a concept in her house.  If I had to guess, I'd say she is probably putting her groceries on a credit card with a terrible intrest rate and doesn't really have any idea how much she is really spending.

This all leads me back to the question, "Have you met Dave?".  Dave Ramsey and his theories on money saved our marriage.  I know, you think I'm saying that for dramatic effect right?  No.  I am serious.  I have said that to every person I have ever talked to on the subject.  So, friends, seriously, if I were to ask you, "How would you afford that?" and you wouldn't have a good answer, go meet Dave.  Please!

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