Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog's Day & Pintrest Pancakes

It's no secret that I like to celebrate minor holidays.  It's also no secret that in the Main house, Saturday morning is pancake morning!  So it should be no surprise that a Saturday morning Groundhog's Day would lead to some fun results.

I started with the idea from {HappyLittleArt} and put my own spin on it (mostly to keep supply costs down!).  

1.  I made two pancakes, one medium size and the other small.  I put the small pancake down first and then the medium one on top.  I molded the hot pancake with my hand so that it would resemble a hill.

2.  Next I squished my thumb in the center to make a resting place for Mr. Groundhog's head.  I then put his donut hole head into the divot.

3.  I squished Cheerios in the top of his head for ears.

4.  I bought icing (I never buy icing; I must have been tired this morning!) and used the white icing to "glue" on the brown mini M&Ms for eyes.  BTW, spend the time looking for the mini M&Ms.  The photos I looked at on-line of groundhogs with large M&M eyes looked ridiculous!

4.  I "glued" on a red mini M&M for the nose, this time being careful not to let the icing show underneath.

5.  I colored a bit of my white icing with carob powder to make it brown.  Then I iced on his mouth.

6.  Finally, I added a bit of white icing to the bottom of the smile to make teeth.

It's that simple!  To check out last year's Groundhog's Day fun, click here.

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