Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at the Zoo

A week ago Saturday, smack dab in the middle of basketball and church play practice, the kids and I went to "Christmas at the Zoo".  

We started by grabbing a handful of the most delicious cookies and then standing in the looonnnggg line for a wagon ride around the zoo.  I didn't think Mr. Impatient would make it through (even with cookies), but he did, and it was a good thing because a December wagon ride-- even around an animal-less zoo-- is a lot of fun!

After our ride we came inside to meet the "big guy".  David rushed right to him, got two feet away, and then wanted to bolt.  Luckily, on my lap, he'd at least pose for a quick photo.

Ruby, although she has known the Santa secret for 2 years now, was delighted to see Santa and couldn't wait to jump up on his lap!

Each child received many goodies.  One of Ruby's favorites was a stuffed bear named Honey.

The kids were each allowed to do a craft and this was the fruit of David's labor.  Yea, can you guess how long this lasted on a toddler's door before it was destroyed?

I would definitely do Christmas at the Zoo again next year... but I'm hoping that a certain dad will join us, because two hands were just NOT enough!

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