Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Mama, I Found Baby Jesus!"

"Mama, I found baby Jesus!" I heard my 6 year old cry out from the next room.  What she meant was that she had found the missing piece of our Fischer-Price nativity; what I heard was the truth of the season.
We've picked out our tree and made Amazon wish lists.  We're preparing for visitors and looking for gift tags.  Every year I think, this is the year I'm going to do it differently.  I'm going to put the focus where it belongs.  Even in helping to organize a Happy Birthday Jesus party at church, I know my focus is on whether using Pintrest is going to make our internet crash... again... not on Him.
Dear Lord, There are certain things that are expected of me this time of year-- above and beyond the normal, "Where are my clean socks?" and "What's for dinner?".  Please let me keep YOU in the center.  Help me reflect to my children that You are supposed to be at the center.  Help me be more like Martha and simply sit at your feet this season.

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