Monday, January 30, 2012

I Heart Faces: Oh So Silly!

Do you ever take a photo and instantly know it's going to be a favorite for a very long time?

About a year and a half ago, we were at a fall carnival that my oldest's orthodontist was hosting.  David was tolerating happy just hanging out in the Bjorn while Eli and Ruby played games.  Ruby won these glasses and, being the sweet sister that she is, wanted to share with her little brother.  I knew Dave wasn't going to tolerate them long, so I grapped the camera, turned it towards my chest, and captured this.  Both big kids got a good laugh because it was...OH SO SILLY!

Head over to I Heart Faces for some more laughs!


  1. Love it! Don't you just love when they are this little and you can do anything to them?! I came over from I <3 faces.

  2. haha! Oh I love it! my child will have pictures like this all the time! :) So my type of funny! :)