Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Splash Island

This summer, just like in years past, we made a Summer "Bucket List"-- what did we all want to do before the summer kicked the bucket?


One thing on Eli's list was to go to the mini water park at a local gym.  After explaining to him that we are not members of that gym, that he had only gotten to go last year because it was a birthday party, we came up with an even better idea.
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Last year, while I was nursing a newborn, and sleeping, and nursing, etc... Aunt Sharon took the big kids to Splash Island in Plainfield.  We decided that Splash Island would fit the bill perfectly.

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Aunt Sharon and (cousin) Kelsey joined us for a wonderful day of water fun!  (Thank goodness because I soon discovered that there was NO WAY I could have managed three children at this place alone!)

We had a wonderful time playing, and sliding, and swimming, and eating, and snacking (Aunt Sharon always brings fun snacks that Mom would never buy!).
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And afterwards, it was a very quiet drive home! 
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