Friday, July 19, 2013

Cross-country adventure, Day 9 & 10: Father's Day, Camp About Face, and Finally Home

Sunday was Father's Day.  We met Jason's parents in Bloomington for a nice Father's Day lunch and said our good-byes.  After lunch we made a quick stop at another health food store and made our way to Eli's camp.

The Camp About Face check-in process is long and involved, but I savored it as much as possible knowing that I was about to drop off my kiddo and drive 20 hours away!

Here is Eli outside Wade cabin-- with a Nerf gun of course.  I wonder who OK'ed that coming with us?

We left camp about 3:30, but stayed committed to the idea of making it all the way back to Coralville, IA.  I'm glad I made the reservation because otherwise I think I would have tried to talk Jason into stopping a lot sooner!

I offered to drive, especially since it was Father's Day, but this guy was a complete trooper!

We stopped for dinner at the World's Largest Truckstop (aren't you jealous?!).  We had a quick meal at Wendy's and allowed David and Ruby to look around a bit.

Happy Father's Day 2013 Daddy!

On our very first night of the trip we accidentally left David's lovie-- Patch the Sentsy Dog-- at the hotel.  We were hoping this Cookie Monster would soften the blow until Patch could be returned to us.

Day 10 we woke up and said, "Let's just do it!".  We drove from Coralville, IA to Minot, ND-- about 13 hours-- in one day.  By the end we were so exhausted we were slap happy, but we were also so very glad to be home!  Next year I vote we avoid the driving altogether and just get ourselves some of those ruby red slippers like Dorthy had!

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