Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weekend Makeover

We have been in North Dakota for almost 6 months, but Miss Ruby is still struggling.  It is so strange; she is not the child we worried about adjustment issues with at all, but, nevertheless, here we are.  Her first three days back to school last week (after Christmas break) were especially rocky.  So we decided it might be time for a little extra special something for our Ruby.

On Saturday, she redeemed her "Date Night with Dad" coupon that she received for Christmas.

Here she is getting ready.  She and Dad went to the water park, out for pizza, ice skating and to play video games at Planet Pizza.  Dad described it as the "Ferris Bueller" date.  Crack Me Up!

On Sunday, I finally agreed to let her get her hair cut again.  She even talked me in to bangs-- ugh!  Did I mention she also lost her front tooth on Saturday morning?

After her haircut, we allowed her to get her ears pierced.  I showed Ruby her birthstone (emerald) and asked her if she'd like to have those.  I also showed her all her other choices, from stars, to flowers, to just plain gold balls.  After quite some time she said, "Are there any rubies?".  So, guess what kind of earrings she ended up with?

There were a couple minutes there I thought she might completely back out, but she was brave and only cried until the nice lady handed her a sucker!

Short hair cut with bangs and earrings-- a weekend makeover to remember!

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  1. Enjoyed catching up on your blog. So many great memories! Hope you guys are well!