Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WLW: Making Exercise Fit

I haven't participated in a WLW for quite some time, but when I read the topic this morning, I felt compelled to write (or maybe I'm just avoiding cleaning, dishes, and laundry?).
In Indiana, it had been my habit to get up at 4 or 5 am, when my husband's alarm went off, and go for a walk/ run around the neighborhood.  On days when I didn't feel walking was a good option, I would do some Pilates via Netflix.  Then my husband lost his job.  Then he got a job, and moved to North Dakota.  Then etc., etc., etc....  I struggle with transitions and finding a new normal.  So, I just stopped exercising.  I know, definitely not a good plan.
The new school year started here in ND last week.  We are about 7 blocks from the school, so I decided it made a lot of sense to walk to school.  Between drop off and pick-up, this gives me a total of about 28 blocks.  This is definitely not the intensity of work out I had before, and I know that if I want to loose weight (rather than maintain weight), I will need to step up my game.  But for now, I am "back in the game" of exercising regularly.  I also find that walking gives the kids and I more chance to talk-- bonus!
All of this is great, but what I feel is the best part of this is a change of mind-set.  We are currently in a rental house and shopping for a new home.  Yesterday we looked at a home and trace the route for the kids and I to walk to school from that house.  We definitely would not have done that 3 months ago!  Exercise for Mama is fantastic, but teaching my children that exercise can easily become a way of life, THAT is what it's all about!
Do you have ideas of fitting exercise into your life?  Share them with us all!  Just click on the button about and read all about it!

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  1. What a great way to fit in some exercise!!! It really is so important to help children develop a habit of exercise. I don't think that we realize we're helping them for the future. So good job Mama!

    Big (((hugs))) to you! I'm so glad you participated in WLWed this week!!!