Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Counting Down the Days: Dakota Splashdown

A couple of weeks ago, while exploring the mall alone, I discovered an indoor water park.  The kids were SO excited when I told them and were promised a trip before school started.

David was not too sure about the whole thing at first.

Eli, Ruby, and Jason went right for the three water slides.  On the first one, Jason lost his glasses.  After some diving, his glasses were recovered, discovered to be someone else's glasses, and finally the right pair was found.  Seriously, he has this thing with loosing important stuff at water parks!

After a few minutes of clinging, David was warmed up and ready to go... down the frog and duck water slides over and over and over....


A wonderful time was had by all.  It has been so much fun to discover all the fun indoor things to do here in Minot.  They will really come in handy during those -25 degree winter days!


  1. christine, it looks like you are adjusting and finding some really fun things to do! How funny that not only did jason lose his glasses...but apparently someone else did too! haha! ;-D Love the pictures!

  2. Awesome! What fun to be had right in your own back door, so to speak. Jason need to by the glasses strap that keeps your glasses afloat before the next trip to the water park. Matt uses the strap at the beach and it has been a lifesaver. I am so glad that you all are finding so many fun things to do. Love ya!