Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh the Times (They are a Changin')

Day 1 of 3rd grade and kindergarten
Last day of kindergarten and 3rd grade

The end of May I made of collage of two pictures, one of Eli and Ruby on the 1st day of school and one of them on the last day of school.  I didn't think they had changed that much, until I made that collage.  Oh boy how they'd changed! 

That's kind of the way life is, we carry on, doing our day to day stuff-- helping with homework, driving the princess to ballet and we don't really notice how small things are changing.

Then, there are some changes that come and hit us like a Mack truck-- a death in the family, a new child added to the mix. 

Both are normal, natural, and (it almost pains me to say it) good.

Right now, the Main family is in the midst of change.  Right now we're unsure whether it's going to be a "Mack truck" kind of change or a "child #1 grew 4 inches over the summer and I didn't notice until he put on old jeans that are now practically capris" kind of change.  We all have our wishes, for a variety of reasons, but, in the end, we want this to be done God's way, not ours.  So, for now, we wait, and wait, to find out what kind of change it will be.

I just found this quote today and it may be my new favorite:

"We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. "
--Harrison Ford

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  1. That is an awesome quote. I hope things turn out beautifully for your family!