Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese & the Ring

Many moons ago we got a coupon... for Chuck E. Cheese... and the kids saw it before I could hide it in the bottom of the trashcan.
So we promised them that we would take them before the coupon expired on December 31, 2011.  December 31, 2011?  We've got plenty of time!

Until December 30th, when we didn't have plenty of time.  So, we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.
At first, it was a very normal trip.  Rides...
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Pizza and breadsticks...
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shooting aliens...
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the climby thing...

over-stimulation melt downs.. and then, it happened.  Jason discovered that his wedding ring was gone.  We hunted, we alerted the staff, we hunted some more... nothing.

Jason overheard something that made him suspect that someone else may have found the ring, so a few days later, I checked at a pawn shop two doors down from Chuck E. Cheese.

Sadly, Jason's ring was not there (or maybe that's a good thing?  I haven't decided yet), but I discovered a new ring that I thought he might like.
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(BTW, when did my hands start to look so old?!)

So, I put the cold stuff from Aldi's in my market day bag and hid the ring inside along with the groceries.  I took the bag inside and asked Jason to help me put things away.  And that is where he found his new ring.

May this one last him (at least) another 12 1/2 years!

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