Friday, November 18, 2011

Bucket List

Long before the movie "Bucket List" came to be, I had a mental list of things that I want to do before I die.  I have never taken the time to right them down, though.  Some of these are ideas that have always been on my list, some are newer.  I also hope this list grows (as I think of new ideas) and shrinks (as I accomplish some of them) and changes (as I grow and change)....

1.  Learn to play tennis
2.  Learn to play the guitar
3.  Run a 5K, mini, marathon or triathlon
4.  Travel out of the US (Niagara Falls doesn't count!)
5.  Write a children's book
6.  Take a photography class
7.  Go skiing in Colorado
8.  See what the big deal is about the Grand Canyon
9.  Go on a mission trip, preferably with a cleft palate team
10. Take an oil painting class
11.  Go to Hawaii
12.  Take a ballroom dancing class
13.  See a play on Broadway
14.  Get a master's degree
15.  Become a professor
16.  Go to a salon so nice, that they decide what kind of hair cut I should have
17.  See the huge redwoods in Northern California
18.  Have a spontaneous adventure
19.  Rent a convertible & go on a road trip
20.  Serve a "spin-off" Thanksgiving dinner (ex. sweet potato fries instead of sweet potato casserole, turkey tetrazzini rather than roast turkey, cranberry Jell-O rather than sauce, ect)
21.  Go to a Jimmy Buffett concert

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