Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Black Eye

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My first reaction when I see "CSA Lincoln" on caller id is panic.  Last week was no different.  This time it was the school nurse.  She has just seen Eli and sent him back to class.  He was okay, but she wanted me to know what happened...

Apparently, Eli caught his foot in the suspension bridge on the playground and fell-- face first.  We are assuming that his glasses smashed into his right eye before flying off his face.

When he got off the bus, even though I knew what had happened, and that he had been well taken care of, I was quite shocked by his black eye... which has continued to look worse and worse.  (This morning he asked if there was anything we could do to get rid of it faster.  He is very tired of people asking about it!)

Anyway, two days after the playground incident, I found a really good deal on photo Christmas cards.  The only problem was that I needed to order them immediately.  For the past two years we've done the kind with a photo from each month, which I LOVE, because it's like our entire year on one small piece of paper.  Anyway, I had to take a "December" photo that morning.  So I threw the kids in Christmas jammies and (eventually) got this photo. 

Of course, Jason's first response was, "You really want a photo now, with Eli's black eye?".  I say, it is the perfect way to close out a very difficult year!  The Main family takes a licking and just keeps on ticking!

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  1. I love it! You all will remember that black eye forever.