Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zoo Much Fun: Spring Break, part 4

Several months ago I begged Jason to take at least one day off work during Spring Break so we could do something fun. Because of David's serious dislike car trips, the most fun we could think of within an hour of home was the zoo.

We got a late start, and 45 mind down the road, David was ready to get out of the car for a bit. So, we stopped at one of our all-time favorite resteraunts, Chick-fil-A! The kiddos enjoyed a great lunch and a little play time.

We started with the aquatic animals.

We found this owl at a mini gift shop. He looks just like Hedwig, so we thought it would be a great photo with Eli's Harry Potter t-shirt (especially since we were much too cheap to actually buy the owl:).

When we got to the Plains area, the kids wanted to "race a cheetah". This is kind of cool... there is a starting sound, the kids race as fast as they can, and little lights go across the top to show the speed of the cheetah. So you can see how far you were into the race when the cheetah finishes.

The plains area is in the very back of the zoo, and this, of course is where we were when the rain began!

Poor David was so warn out by this point that he slept right through being raining on. (I swear he could sleep through anything in that Moby wrap!)

We made our way back to the front and decided to go see the indoor section of the White Water Gardens.

Here Ruby is casting a spell on the orchids. Yep, they are both a little Harry Potter crazy!

Ruby stopped at the gift shop in the gardens and bought a new book, "Oh My, Oh My, Oh Butterfly" which her teachers read to the whole class the next week.

Seriously, one of my all time favorite photos!

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