Monday, April 4, 2011

BC State Park: Spring Break, part 3

It has become a tradition around here, to go to Brown County State Park on St. Patrick's Day.

We start by walking the same trail and looking for treasures (here's Eli on his "Nimbus 2000").

Our goal is to reach the stream at the bottom of the trail, where the kids love to wade, throw rocks, and otherwise explore.

Oh yea, and eat sticks:)

There is a small, 3 sided shelter near the stream as well. This photo documents me FINALLY learning to use the timer on my camera!

I wondered as we were walking back up the trail why I was huffing and puffing so much. I mean last year I was pregnant for goodness sake. Then, I looked down, to see my feet and David's. Yes, I'm not carring around a 3 pound fetus in my tummy, I'm carrying around a 20 pound baby in a Moby wrap! After lunch in the shelter house, we drove a little ways to a small playground. This rip-line like device was the "hot toy" of the day. Eli and Ruby had so much fun going back and forth on this!

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  1. We've always gone to Brown County park on Spring Break or any time we can...we love going there!

    It took me about a year to figure out my self-timer...and it was so easy! ;-)

    Great pictures...looks like the kids had lots of fun!