Tuesday, January 22, 2013

App Review: Bugaboo Flashcards

Bugaboo Flashcards

I do not review things often, but I have to share my love for these guys.

The wonderful hubster bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  Although I wasn't sure I really wanted one at first, I have now fallen deeply, madly in love with it.  This app is one of the reasons why.  

When we moved from Indiana to North Dakota one of the (many) big changes educationally was that the school here is very serious about drilling math facts.  I bought flashcards for both kids, which did absolutely no good, of course, because the  kids never used them!  When I was checking out free apps I found Bugaboo Flashcards.  I immediately added it and had the kids try it out.  Very quickly I discovered it had big potential.  So, I forked out the $1.99 for the full version (Seriously, I am so cheap, this really was a debate!).  For less than the cost of a pack of flashcards, I have an app that can quiz on kids on +, -, x, or division.  I can easily choose which operation and which numbers (0- 12) I want  them quizzed on.  I get a report at the end on the amount of facts correctly answered, how many were given and the time taken to answer them all.  My 6 year old thinks it's great.  My 10 year old, understandably, thinks the  graphics are a bit "beneath him" but he will still admit that it is a LOT more fun than flashcards.  He also enjoys the fact that he can practice just the facts he is struggling with.

In my opinion, this is a "must have" app for grade school kiddos.

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