Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angelic Gardens: Fall Fest 2012

After three hours of calming alone time at the spa, I thought it was time to take three children to a pumpkin patch (I know,who does that to themselves?)!  We followed the Google Maps directions to the middle of nowhere and found Angelic Gardens. 

We have learned from experience that thing here are usually a little different than we are used to: smaller scale, more laid back, etc.  This experience was no different, but it was every bit as enjoyable.

We started by checking out the pumpkins and the local feline!

(Sidenote: This photo is the one that won me the Fall Festival Photo Contest!  Yes, there were only two people who entered, but still, I won!)

Next, we grabbed a wagon and were off to pick some apples!

After picking our bounty, it was time to pay the bill.  While checking out we were asked if we wanted to go on a wagon ride.  Of course we did!

What we thought would be a "twice around the parking lot" kind of ride, turned into a glorious 40 minute snuggle-fest.

(Carmen, this is the only picture of my "new do" so far.  Not the greatest representation, sorry.)

After the wagon ride, it turned out to be too late to go to church-- oops!  We opted for continuing the fun-- going out for pizza, and watching a movie at home. 

 Although sometimes we miss the big, blow-out type events at "home", I think that the smaller, laid back events like this one are helping us all become a little bit more laid back ourselves and THAT is a very good thing!

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