Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craft Corner: Book Page Canvas

Book Page Canvas

I am not artistic. Not. One. Little. Bit. I can not paint, scult, and don't even get me started on how badly I draw-- even stick figures. But crafting, that I can do. I originally saw this on our favorite photographer, Jen Sherrick's blog. She had a few photos of her creations and a link to Jones Design. I love all of the creations these two ladies did, but I needed something a bit more, me.

I decided to start with a creation for Eli and David's room, aka the decorating nightmare! I went to the store and purchased a double pack of canvases ($7.99 at Hobby Lobby), Mod Podge (6.99 at Hobby Lobby), and a book-- Where the Wild Things Are ($7ish at Target). The paint brush I already had.

So for Where the Wild Things Are, I cut all of the pictures, layed them out perfectly, and then tried to lift each one up carefully and Mod Podge underneath. Personally, this technique did not work well for me (more on that later). After they were all Mod Podged underneath, I put another layer over the top. (You have to make sure that you wrap the pictures around the edges of the canvas as well.) Trim any extra paper at the edges and let it dry.

I added some "hanging devices" (more on that later as well), and POOF, awesome wall art for about $20 with materials left to make a 2nd!

The second time I got a little lazier, um, I mean smarter. I used my Grandma Alice's old recipe cards to make a canvas for our dining area. This time I put a layer of Mod Podge down, put one recipe card down, and Mod Podged over the top of just that card. For me, this technique worked MUCH better. If you are a mommy who is likely to be interupted by a child at any moment, I would definately recommend this technique!

Just like with Where the Wild Things Are, I attached photo hooks and wire (which we already had), and POOF again. My grandma's famous recipes, in her own handwriting, loving displayed.

I hung it over our antique china cabinet, behind my grandma's old Kitchen Aid. The recipe card project used materials I already had along with some left-over supplies from the Where the Wild Things Are canvas.

This is art even I can handle!

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