Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This is a "dough ornament" that was made for Jason by his Aunt Martha when he was a child. We have many of these dough ornaments, but each represents childhood Christmases to Jason.Posted by Picasa

This year we made the decision to simplify our holiday decorating. One way we did this was to each choose only 5 onaments to put on the tree. Of course, this allowed us to find our favorite, my treasured ornaments. Each of these ornaments has a story. Take a walk with me, and learn the signifigance of several of our ornaments.

This was an ornament made by Eli's day care for us the Christmas he was 6 months old.
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This ornament says, "First Christmas Together". We purchased it on our honeymoon in Disney World in 1999. Posted by Picasa

This ornament was a party favor from the wedding of my dear friend Kim, four years ago today. Jason and I were the scripture readers in her wedding.
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This ornament was made for my father, who is no deceased.Posted by Picasa

This ornament was given to us by my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Glenn on our first Christmas together. The picture was taken the day after our wedding at our gift opening celebration.
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This ornament was originally intended to be a bookmark. It was made by Ruby and Jason on "Dad's Night" at First Presbyterian Preschool.
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This is one of the several gold snowflake ornaments we have. My Grandma and Grandpa bought them each year from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We have now inheritated quite a few. The best part to me, is how my grandpa has labeled each of their boxes with the year in his own handwriting.
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Thank you for visiting the 2010 Main family Christmas tree with me. What memories are on your tree?

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