Monday, December 6, 2010

The Messiah's Mom

When Grandma Alice went to Green Tree last year, I "stole" several of my Grandpa Bob's old prayer journals from their house. When I couldn't go back to sleep after David's 2 am feeding call this morning, I picked up one of those old journals to read. It happened to be a journal he started in December of 1998. He has many reflections written in it about Christmas, but, as a mom of young children, this really struck me...

"I truely wonder Lord what she (Mary) pondered in her heart. Was she amazed at what God had done to/ for her, did she wonder how this baby could be the Messiah, did she wonder why the Lord had chosen her for this role. Was she afraid she wasn't up to the task of being the Messiah's mother?"

Wow! I had never thought of it that way. Every day I face my own insecurities; am I the mother my children need or deserve. But Mary, she had the awesome job of raising our Savior. No pressure there, lol!

Lord, thank you for the awesome responsibility and tremendous pleasure of raising Eli, Ruby, and David. Thank you for the insight of my grandfather, 6 years after his death. Thank you for Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Awesome post Christine. So neat that you are able to hold onto your grandfather's prayer journals.