Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Heart Faces: Over My Head

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One of my favorite things about my friend Carrie's blog is always her entries to the I Heart Faces contests. Not only do I love looking at others' photos, I'm kind of fond of taking some myself! Those of you who look through my 100+ photos a month from Snapfish know exactly what I mean! So I digress...
Anyway, I thought that since I've started a blog, I would give the contest a try. This photo is one of my all-time favorites for two reasons: 1. This is the day that I learned I could edit photos right on my camera! and 2. Despite my "suggestions", this smiling face disappeared less than 5 minutes later as the pretty pink balloon sailed into the sky!


  1. I second the love for that little bit of static electricity---it adds an impish touch to the photo....

  2. So cute! I wonder if I can edit from my camera too? probably, I still have lots to learn! I love that! Fun fun photo!